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So, I guess I'm supposed to post an intro...

After 15 years of sitting in a cubicle doing Engineering things, I had a mid-life crisis. I sold my house, quit my job, bought an RV trailer, and spent over a year exploring Canada from coast to coast. Although I'm of "no fixed address", I'm not homeless -- my little home has wheels on it, and my "back yard" spans 6 timezones.

I'm now a campground host (getting paid to camp is great, although some of you may not consider a full-service campsite to be "real camping"), while I figure out where to go from here. Maybe Alaska, the Yukon and NWT next year... who knows?

So, here I sit... with a view of snow-covered mountains out my window, a wide river with tug boats and barges going past regularly, noisy freight trains on the main line across the river, and with geese, coyotes, lots of rabbits, a few deer, a pair of raccoons (and a bear that I haven't seen yet, although another staff member has) hanging around the park.

Intro in short:

The name's Raccoon, as far as my friends are concerned.

I'm in my early 20s, male.

I'm a therian, and I enjoy furry art.

I'm an unemployed squatter, I love hiking (for fun, and as part of my daily life), I like traveling with friends, and I like a good camping trip. I practice Parkour, and I like lots of stuff related to hiking, climbing, jumping, swimming, etc.

I'm looking to connect with other outdoorsy animal folk, read some good traveling stories, or whatever!

Fresh air is the best medicine.


Hi! I'm the founder of this community, and I also go by Feyala on FurNet IRC!

I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, backpacking, you name it! I have been sad to see so few furs share my passion for nature, so this community is my attempt at getting folks together to talk about our experiences and maybe organize some outings. With the popularity of Feral! and the other camping con starting soon (I think it is Wild Nights), I know there's gotta be more furs into this sort of thing just waiting in the woodwork. n.n

So, welcome!


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