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Jun. 7th, 2012

Greetings, Wildfurs!

I'm not sure if members of this group still actively check posts here, but if so, Oklacon is coming up in just four months, and it's an awesome outdoor experience that seems right up this groups' alley. :)

For those that aren't aware, Oklacon is the world's largest outdoor furry convention -- a camping con of roughly 300 furs who setup camp in a gorgeous canyon in Roman Nose State Park in Oklahoma. For those that don't want to be stuck inside the four walls of a hotel, we have a lot of great chances to hike, stargaze, howl at the new moon, sing around the campfire, and otherwise share in some good ol' fashioned furry fellowship.

For $29, you get meals, a bunk bed, and access to the whole week of events from Oct 17-22. We attract furs mostly from KS, OK, TX, CO, NM, AR, MO, and LA, but we've had those as far away as Germany attend. So if you haven't before, come be wild with us this October, and help us celebrate our 10th anniversary!

It's hard to believe the time passes so quickly, but as October creeps steadily closer, the world's largest outdoor furry convention, also the most affordable out there, is just around the corner! Online registration has only 78 days left at http://oklacon.com/

Hosted in a gorgeous canyon in Roman Nose State Park in Oklahoma, Oklacon offers a refreshing alternative to hotel-based furry conventions. With plenty of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, stargazing, and outdoor games, we're quite a change of place to the same-ol', same-ol' experience of most furry cons. If the warm glow of a crackling campfire set under the dark, starry skies sounds like your idea of a great weekend, then we're just what you're looking for. :)

We also have a fully-fledged Dealer's Den and Artist Alley which offer everything from fursuiting studios to comic/book distributors to professional artists. Our Guests of Honor Bucktown Tiger and Myenia have some awesome stuff in store for you, and we have a full-fledged musical, Julie Bunnie Must Die!, which will be performed live! This year's theme is based around all things Steampunk, so it's time to dust off those top hats and pull out your monocles and join us for a great time in the great outdoors!

If you've heard about us before but have never taken the plunge, make this year your first! Cabins and lodge rooms are sold out, but we still have motel rooms, tent spaces, and 91 FREE A-Frame sleeping bunks still open for the taking. We attract furs mostly from KS, OK, TX, CO, NM, AR, MO, and LA, but we've had those as far away as Germany attend.

We would ESPECIALLY love to welcome our therian friends as well, and we are actively seeking volunteers in that community to join our spirituality track to host some relevant panels. If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them drop us a line to registration [at] oklacon |dot| com :)

Alberta, Canada Camps

When I came across this site, I knew I needed to post ;)

In Alberta we have a summer and winter camps, called Furthest North and Furthest North Winter.  Summer is tent camping in a group site.  Winter is in a rustic Hostel Site in the Rocky Mountains we take over. 

Check out www.furthestnorth.com
Have any of you heard of Dick Proenneke?

At age 52 he built his own cabin in the Alaska wilderness, and stayed there for 30 years until he returned to civilization at the age of 82. He's quite an inspiration, especially considering his age.

There's a 3 CD (6 parts each) documentary at:

Wild Furs at Oklacon :)

It's absolutely great to see a LJ community dedicated to "alternate gatherings", experiences that get people out of hotels, out of Denny's/IHOP's/Steak'N'Shakes, and back to nature among our friends. I'm excited about this group and it's potential for organizing get-togethers in the future!

In addition, I'm one of the many people who help produce Oklacon, the first outdoor furry convention in the US. Since 2003, we've been convening each October in Roman Nose State Park near Watonga, OK to get back to basics, and enjoy each other's camaraderie under a starry sky, among the warm glow of an autumn campfire. After eight years, we're now the largest outdoor furry convention in the world, but don't be put off by that -- about 250 of us take over an entire state park for an extended weekend, and for those in the Southern US (KS, OK, TX, CO, NM, AR, MO, and LA), if you're interested in joining us in a month, please take a closer look at us -- we'd love to meet up with you there.

We started with a strong therian presence, many of our original organizers are therians, and we're quite open to and receptive of the those in the community to join us for what looks to be another great experience this year. Well, enough about that: if you're interested, you're invited to come experience Oklacon with us, and if not this year, then I look forward to watching this list for other events you all plan, as I'd love to meet others of you, even if not in my immediate neck of the woods! :)

Best wishes,


Campout Success!

Haven't had time to update since the campout, but it was a huge success! 40 people ended up showing up (tons! at least 10 more than I expected), and a good time was had by all. There were delicious dinners cooked by yours truly, drunken stumbling up to the dam to stargaze - and an obnoxiously long 2 mile hike along the road the long way back for those of us who didn't feel like climbing back down the dam, a very brisk river wade/swim, which mostly included myself and a handful of others entering the water and everybody else staring at us, etc. Fun times! And pie. I baked 9 pies for that damn campout.

Next year my co-planner, Crowley, is planning on trying to make the campout even bigger and more awesome, I wish him the best of luck as organizing something of increasing scale (this thing doubles every time we run it) can be trying at times!

More adventure lies ahead for me as I've given my two weeks' notice and am going to attempt to go live in the great white north with a friend of mine who is a vagabondish hippie. I'll probably be updating my own journal with that nonsense, but I'll probably post here if something particularly exciting occurs. :)

Hope all of you are having as much fun!

Eugene Oregon Furs Campout

I'm running a furry campout August 21-23 at Dorena Lake - details are here, admission is $25 for all 3 days including meals.

Tent space is limited so if you're interested in a private tent please RSVP ASAP. :) For the rest there's going to be a gigantic snuggle tent where folks can flop on each other.

It's not a terribly wild campout, but it's better than staying home! :D

For those local enough to be interested in this kind of thing (I think that's like, balthazar? haha), the group I linked to is fairly active and we do other non-camping activities all the time (movie meets, dinners, trips to the beach, etc), and is full of awesome people, so anybody's welcome to join.

And hello to you all

Out of all of you, I'm probably the most inexperienced one here.. I'm 24, and most of my camping comes from being part of a dutch scouting group.. But as the name implies, it is in the netherlands, so the wilds... Well... They aren't very wild, a rogue cow will sometimes look at you threateningly and then secretly tuck you in at night and give you quite a scare, but that is about it.

Scouting in the Netherlands luckily does seem quite a bit different from most other countries, as we have actually learned a lot about camping in nature, finding paths, building shelters and knotting stuff together...

Apart from that though, my camping experience has been pretty lacking though I am definitely looking to expand my horizons, find some real wilds, go out survival camping, live a little so to speak.

So yes, hi.

Oh and if anyone ever has any questions, please do ask, I will answer everything!

Ps. Preemptive answer: Yes, land of weed, hookers, wind mills, cheese, tulips and wooden shoes.

Hello there... :}

Hi! My friends call me Bal (online, anyway) and I'm a gryphon therian and also getting into furry more and more now. I'm looking for furries that get out and do things now and then away from the keyboard, lol. I consider myself to be a master of 'ninja camping', as in camping for free in our national forests. Just solo camping so far, but I can be ME when I do this, and it's necessary to do it at least two or three times a year. I live in an area where 'fee-ing' has been piloted, apparently with great success. I defy this whenever possible, although sometimes when I camp out with others it's better to camp at a pay site where there are amenities - it's all good.

Seriously, I would LOVE to go to a camping furmeet. Maybe some networking on various forums would help generate some support. I'm on FA, and I might mention it in a thread on their forums.

Nice to meet you all!

Best Man at wedding is... a grizzly bear!

This just went through my RSS feed: Grizzly bear is best man at wedding

On a related note, "Grizzly Adams" is a great show to see! I've only seen the pilot episode of the series; it's very hard to find on the P2P file-sharing networks, as it was aired in 1977. If you can find it, it's got some incredible animal wrangling... James gets to play with a bear cub, a fully-grown grizzly bear, a cougar, raccoons, etc. There's no computer animatronics here -- these are the real critters!